Frequently Asked Questions

Riverwalk Ambulatory Surgery Center is known for providing a very high quality of care with Board Certified, experienced Physicians, and a professional staff which produce successful outcomes. Our approach also allows for more 1 on 1 time with your Physician, dedicated attention from our registered nurses, and our friendly facility makes it possible for your procedure to be completed promptly. These services are offered at a lower cost in comparison to Hospitals.

Riverwalk Ambulatory Surgery Center is located in the Riverwalk Professional Park, across the street (West bound) from Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Our address is:

200 3rd Avenue West #170
Bradenton, FL 34205

Please visit our Directions or Contact Us page for more information.

The length of your stay will depend on your recovery time which can vary from procedure to procedure. Typically, the longer the procedure or Surgery, the longer the recovery period will be. On average, our patients recover half an hour to an hour and a half later.

You may bring 1 or 2 visitors which can be family or friends, but please limit to 2 due to space availability. They may accompany you up until the time of your procedure. Once your procedure is complete, you will be resting in our post op area. At this time, your visitors can join you once again while you recover. Please note that you must be accompanied by a responsible adult when you leave our facility.

We recommend arriving at least 1 hour before your procedure is scheduled.

  • Sometimes our team is ahead of schedule. If you are available before your scheduled procedure, we will check you in ahead of time.
  • We like to use the available time to complete the evaluation phase performed by our nurses, anesthesiologists and other technicians.

We apply the same policies as other health care facilities. We expect any type of payment (co-insurance or remaining deductible) at the time of the procedure.

In some procedures the physician will perform additional tasks that were not expected at the time of your check in. Items such as implants or other supplies may be used to complete the procedure. In these situations, there may be additional costs.

For each procedure, from check in to your time of recovery, there is a team that works on your case to make sure the process goes smoothly. You are first assisted by our office staff at the time of check in. They will collect any important information regarding your procedure and also verify your insurance. Any medical history and charts are verified by registered nurses who work with the Anesthesia doctors in preparation for your procedure.  The procedure is then performed by the board certified Physician. Once completed, our professional nurses will be by your side from the post op recovery area, until you safely reach transportation.

If you have more questions please contact our Anesthesia Coordinator at (941) 216-3963. You may also visit our Contact Us page for other contact options.

In case of an emergency, please report directly to the Emergency room or call 911.